• Krashy

    Joseph Sanchez - CEO/Founder

    I'm Joseph "Krashy" Sanchez and i love gaming and esports. I started competing at 13 in MLG Orlanda '07 for Gears of War 1. Currently i focus on Heroes of the Storm and am a former professional player in multiple titles. As i aged a bit more i realized i wanted to take that passion to an ownership level. Being the founder of Arcane Esports allows me to do so!...Read More

  • Dats

    James - Chief Creative Officer

    ...Read More

  • Velocigamer

    Zach C.

    Marketing consultant and brand specialist by day; Streamer, musician, and general renaissance man by night. I am a dinosaur with over 4 years of eSports management experience, and currently managing SMITE for Arcane eSports. I enjoy long walks by the jungle, steak dinners, and vigorous roaring....Read More