• Baink

    Jake Bain

    My name is Jake Bain and I have been playing competitive Halo for just over 4 years now, My gamertag on Xbox is "The Baink". I have enjoyed gaming my whole life in between growing up playing sports but have decided to pursue a professional career in gaming. I stream every now and then so stop by  to say whats up and join me on my journey! ...Read More

  • Juicy

    Chris Vasapolli

    I have been playing Halo since H2. I never started to play competitive until H4 and loved it ever since. Finally after the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection I joined my first team and placed Top 32 in HCS Season 1 and 2. I have been competing in Halo ever since. I'm looking to go pro in Halo by grinding. Also I am a top 1v1 player in Halo and have several touranment winnings in 1v1s, but 4v4s will always be the #1 thing I'm grinding....Read More

  • Revo

    ...Read More