Arcane enters Rivals of Aether!

Thu 24th Dec 2015 - 4:27pm : Gaming

The Fighting Game Community has been amazingly heartwarming and supportive of Arcane in our current venture in Smash. We recognize that games driven by a strong community can drive growth for that game as well as Arcane. Rivals of Aether is the next step in supporting a growing scene and embedding the Arcane name in the roots of the competitive scene! We are pleased to bring you the official Arcane eSports Rivals of Aether roster today! Our Owner Krashy spoke on the acquisition and had this to say,


"I was first introduced to Rivals by a buddy on discord. I checked it out on steam, plugged in my gamepad and we had a blast for so many hours. I was amazingly surprised at the mechanics in the game. It had a simplistic feel, something i felt i could really learn while another could master. I've been debating if I wanted to take Arcane into another fighting game when the community spoke to me and showed me the answer. I personally am very excited to introduce you to the 4 players who will now be representing Arcane for Rivals of Aether!"


Rivals of Aether Roster:

Pixel - Turquoise - Zetterburn Tandori


As always for all things Arcane be sure to follow us! #BePowerful!



Joseph Sanchez - CEO/Founder

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