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Tue 22nd Dec 2015 - 4:00pm : Gaming

As a smaller company we dream of supporting larger eSports such as LoL, Dota and CS:GO but finding the right team at the right time is not always the easiest. However, today we are very pleased to introduce you to the newest addition to Arcane! Our initial CS:GO Manager Telekinetic has decided not to let his talent go to waste, and along side his teammates they intend to perform the best they can. We spoke with Tele on joining as Arcane with his roster and he had this to say, 


"My team and I have been practicing very hard over the last year to be able to compete at a higher level. We are excited that Arcane eSports has given us a chance to help us both as a team and as an organization. We look forward to competing in the ESEA Open League as well as the CEVO-Amateur League very soon!"


CS:GO Roster:

Telekinetic - Saint - Deluxulous - Loucksmith - Pleasurecow



The team played their first preseason match a few nights ago and won with a dominating score of 16-1. We can't wait to see how this roster will do in CEVO and ESEA and look forward to supporting their growth everystep of the way! 

As always for all things Arcane be sure to follow us! #BePowerful!



Joseph Sanchez - CEO/Founder

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