Arcane Acquires prOphEcy for Gears of War!

Tue 29th Sep 2015 - 2:47am

I am very pleased today to welcome prOphEcy to the Arcane family! I myself have watched some of this roster play since the beggining. prOphEcy's rise to the top of competitive gears is highly aticipated with the return of SiKiMaGe and Rman. Michael 'SiKiMaGe' Gariepy had this to say, 


"prOphEcy has been noticed as a Gears pro team since MLG Meadowlands 07' in every Gears of War title. prOphEcy is a legacy in Gears of War with a total of 16 competition finishes all of which achieved Pro Status. We recently  finished 4th in the ESL Preseason cup #7 and look to retain top 8 next Preseason cup with and be in the Pro League as a top 8 team. Additionally, we achieved the silver medal to represent Team USA in the World Cyber Games."


Arcane prOphEcy

SiKiMaGe - RmaN - Tandem - ShrRedda


We look forward to the future of Arcane prOphEcy and are pleased to announce their attendance along side Arcane Enigma this coming weekend for Hypefestation 4 on October 2nd-4th! Be sure to follow the team on twitter:


As always for all things Arcane be sure to follow us on! #BePowerful!




Joseph Sanchez - CEO/Founder

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