Arcane Gears of War!

Sat 29th Aug 2015 - 3:58pm

Today we are very pleased to announce our involvement with Gears of War! We have Arcane White and are recruiting Arcane Purple who will be competing for the Arcane Family. Our owner Krashy had this to say,


"Gears of FUCKING War! This is by far the best, most competitive shooter on the market. With the announcement of ESL, and Xbox involvement i have no doubt that Gears of War will become a premier esport. I personally started my involvement in esports with the original Gears of War in 2007 and am happy to also announce that i will be personally returning to the scene as a commentator! GEARS HYPE!"


Arcane Purple

???? - ???? - ???? - ????


Arcane White

Brewsky - Notify - Nagestic - ????


We here at Arcane are all about growth and improvement and we want to carry that ideal to the Gears community. Arcane White is a promising team of 3 that is recruiting! So if you are interested contact GT: Brevvsky.


For all things Arcane be sure to follow us on! #BePowerful!



Joseph Sanchez - CEO/Founder

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