Announcing the Arcane Academy!

Wed 28th Oct 2015 - 3:30am

Arcane Academy defines Arcane! We want to support growth with newer teams and players as they continue their journey in esports. We're proud to announce these 2 fresh rosters for Arcane Esports. Arcane Academy Halo and Arcane Academy Call of Duty are both AM's is their respective scenes and are commited to improve as a team! Our Founder and CEO Krashy had this to say,


"We knew we wanted to get involved in the Halo and Cod scenes but weren't sure how. Arcane Academy is a way to give fresh talent a way to brand themselves professionally as they perfect their craft. To me the name Academy means learning and these teams have the passion to learn and grow as players, as a team, with Arcane. I'm very excited moving forward with these rosters and hope to have an impact on the AM scene."



Arcane Academy Call of Duty

Karizzy - Acez - Sauceyy - Shazzy


Arcane Academy Halo

Redghost - TBA - TBA - TBA



As always for all things Arcane be sure to follow us on! #BePowerful!



Joseph Sanchez - CEO/Founder

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