Changes to the Gears of War rosters.

Mon 14th Sep 2015 - 8:12am

With Gears of War being backed by ESL, Microsoft, Twitch and more we are seeing exponential growth for the competitive Gears scene! We here at Arcane had already announced our intentions of being involved with Gears but we are making some small changes. Arcane White will be officially known as Arcane Enigma, and will be attending Hypefestation 4 in Pittsburgh on Oct 2-4. We are also pleased to welcome our 2nd squad, Arcane Calvary, who earned a tied for 6th placing in the Preseason cup #2. We are very excited for the furure of these 2 teams and the future of Gears eSports!


Arcane Enigma

Brewsky - Notify - Miracle - Infinitives


Arcane Calvary

Cyanide - SU5P3CT - MiGGS G - Hannlbal



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Joseph Sanchez - CEO/Founder

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